Behold, a collection of my attempts to leave a permanent impression on the vast expanse of the cosmos.

I've tinkered with a boatload of side projects, but these are the ones that earn me bragging rights. If something piques your curiosity, give it a whirl via the link below. And hey, don't be shy to drop some tips to level it up. After all, some of it's open source – let's make magic happen!

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    Flutter Polls

    Customizable Polls for Flutter. Simple, easy to use and highly customizable.

    Flutter polls on

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    Moving Pictures

    Built with the Flutter SDK for Android and iOS, displays info on movies, series, and, actors.

    Moving Pictures on PlayStore

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    Pet Shop is an e-commerce application for Android built with Flutter.

    PetShop on PlayStore

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    The Movie Chain

    A social game where players create “chains” of movies and the actors that appear in them.

    The Movie chain on PlayStore

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    Simple social feed that showcases DDD Clean Architecture and separation of concerns.

    Circle on GitHub

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    More on GitHub

    More can be found on Github.

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