Nifemi, in all his glory

Nifemi here!

Software Engineer.

I maintain a healthy balance between design, functionality and clean code.

I'm a software engineer with over five years of experience. Over the years, I've built a variety of apps and games for both Android and iOS platforms, and I've also worked on several web applications.

In addition to my professional work, I also have a passion for open-source projects. I've authored and contributed to a number of them, and I'm always excited to collaborate with other developers. I love open-source, learning in public, and sharing what I learn with others.

When I'm not working on code, I like to stay active by swimming, cycling, and hitting the gym. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, whether that's hiking through nature trails or relaxing in a nearby park. And, of course, I have some favorite hobbies that I enjoy indoors, such as reading books, watching movies/series and playing FIFA.

Last but not least, huge dog lover and I adore spending time with my family. Whether that's going out to a dog park or just hanging out with my loved ones, it's always the highlight of my day.